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Travel deals: French Polynesia

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Spend 10 nights in an overwater suite for under $5000. Includes five nights in the Moorea Pearl Resort, five in the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, two in Tahiti and international flights. Travel November 1-December 10, January 10-March 31, 2015. From $4790 a person, 12 nights. Phone 1300 858 305, see


A local woman from the Sacred Valley, Peru.


Stay at Bendigo’s The Schaller Studio and save $55 with its opening special, from $125 a night, until August 30. A Stay See package includes tickets to Bendigo Art Gallery exhibitions and midday checkout. From $195, August 2-November 9. Phone 1800 278 468, see


Check into the new Sofitel So Singapore, pictured, and save 40 per cent with a Weekends@So offer, which includes a Saturday-night stay in the 19th-century French-style rooms, Saturday champagne brunch and Sunday all-day breakfast. From $515 until December 31.See



Book a two-night midweek stay at the four-star Pelican Waters resort on the Sunshine Coast and pay half price until November 30. Includes a free night and a round on a Greg Norman championship golf course. From $310, quote PEL019. Phone 1800 213 422, see


Grab a friend and book a South American holiday with flights and your friend flies free with LATAM, saving up to $2800. Tours include the 20-day Highlights of South America, from Santiago to Lima, from $8695 a person, twin share. Book by September 30. Phone 1300 196 420, see

Tourwatch: Life in the Himalayas

Experience mountain life in the Indian Himalayas with a high-altitude stay in Ladakh. Base yourself in one of six traditional village houses, renovated to rustic luxury, and walk between local villages, visiting schools, markets and monasteries.

Raft on glacial rivers the Indus and Zanskar and lose yourself in a landscape of snowy mountains and serene lakes until end September. Includes meals, private chef, guides, tours and private car. From $5670 a person, twin share, seven nights. See

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Travel deals: French Polynesia

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