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Fullerton Bay Hotel launches new restaurant at Clifford Pier

SINGAPORE- Fullerton Bay Hotel has unveiled a new restaurant at Singapore’s iconic heritage site, Clifford Pier. The site will house The Clifford Pier, an all-day dining restaurant offering the best of Singapore’s delicacies and reinterpretations of Asian specialties from the region. The 208-seater restaurant will feature a breakfast menu, an all-day menu for lunch and dinner, an afternoon tea menu and a supper menu.

Said Mr. Giovanni Viterale, General Manager of The Fullerton Heritage, “We are excited to breathe new life into Clifford Pier, which has played a significant role in Singapore’s history and currently shapes guests’ first encounter with The Fullerton Bay Hotel. While we seek to create a new destination restaurant to enhance The Fullerton Bay Hotel experience, the restaurant also pays tribute to the culture and history that was once characteristic of the pier.”

A significant landmark commemorating Singapore’s maritime and trading roots, Clifford Pier was established in 1933 as the landing jetty for ships used in regional trade. A meeting point for seafarers, traders and immigrants from all walks of life, it houses the memories of many who have grown to associate the place with a sense of adventure and discovery. In the pier’s earliest days, hawkers plied its surrounding waters on sampans offering comfort food such as porridge with simple fish and vegetable dishes to warm the stomachs of Singapore’s pioneers who journeyed from afar. The Clifford Pier aims to preserve the pier’s hawker culture, by centering its menu on familiar hawker delights.

The Clifford Pier will be Fullerton Bay Hotel’s fourth dining establishment.

Fullerton Bay Hotel launches new restaurant at Clifford Pier

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