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The dance music community is rallying behind the DJ and an event was held in ...

  • Jack McCord, 46, was taken out of an induced coma on Monday afternoon

  • His best mate, Sean Doyle, said Jack had been responding to music clips and voice recordings sent by his family

  • He remain in intensive care in a serious but stable condition

  • He arrived at Royal Darwin Hospital by CareFlight on Sunday and was expected to remain so for up to three days

  • Family and friends have raised money for Jack’s treatment in Australia

  • More than $69,000 has been raised online as of midday Monday

  • The dance music community is rallying behind the DJ and an event was held in a Sydney club on Sunday


Ryan Lipman

and Daniel Mills

and Leesa Smith

Australian DJ Jack McCord, who was living and working in Bali when he suffered horrific injuries in a motorbike accident, has been taken out of an induced coma at Royal Darwin Hospital.

After being flown to the hospital by CareFlight on Sunday night, Jack was expected to remain in an induced coma for up to three days for his lungs to recover but was taken off sedation at about 2pm on Monday.

Jack’s best mate Sean Doyle, who travelled from Singapore to Darwin to be by his friend’s side when he arrived, said he had been responding to music clips and voice recordings sent by his family.

Family and friends of Sydney man Jack McCord, pictured with wife Hilda, have raised money to pay for a CareFlight to a Darwin hospital from Bali for treatment after serious motorbike accident on Friday

‘I was talking to him and playing voice clips from his relatives for 10–15mins at a time, and he seemed to respond with eye movements as he heard different voices,’ he said. ‘I also played music that we often play and he would twitch.’

He said the doctors said Jack was progressing in the right direction.

‘It’s just a question of how fast that happens and that there’s no infection, and things go on the right path with his lungs,’ he said.

Mr Doyle said Jack was ‘still in a bad way’ when he saw him in hospital on Sunday night but felt good about his process today.

‘The doctors said it could still take a couple of days for him to wake up – so they will reassess tomorrow and hopefully he starts to come around again but it’s still quite early days,’ he said.

Mr Doyle said orthopedic surgeons will look at scans of Jack’s hips today to assess the damage and determine if he needs to be operated further.

He said depending on the extent of hip damage, Jack might need to be moved to an east coast hospital, likely Sydney.

‘Doctors said if there was any issue over night they would call. I didn’t get one,’ he said. ‘That’s the full extent of what we know now.’

With Jack’s family in Australia expected to arrive at the hospital tomorrow, Mr Doyle said his friend’s wife was expected to arrive from Bali by Wednesday and is currently obtaining a visa.

On Sunday night, Jack underwent an emergency assessment after arriving on the CareFlight, a Royal Darwin Hospital spokeswoman said.

In the accident, Jack suffered internal bleeding, a lacerated lung and shattered pelvis and once taken to a Balinese hospital, had plates put into his arm and shoulder, two put into his pelvis and 12 into his chest

Jack arrived at Royal Darwin Hospital about 6pm on Sunday where Mr Doyle was awaiting him. He said at the time that the flight from the Indonesian island went ‘as well as could be expected.’

‘He was twitching and moving, so that is a good sign,’ he said. ‘Obviously transferring him back to Australia is a much better option but I’ve heard (Indonesian doctors) did a fantastic job so that is very encouraging.’

Meanwhile, fundraising for Jack’s flight home and ongoing rehabilitation costs set up by Mr Doyle continues to tick over and had reached 69,000 by midday Monday.

He launched the online fundraiser on with a ‘moving target’ of $80,000 for short-term expenses, to ensure Jack could travel to Australia for treatment. He said any more would go towards rehabilitation costs.

Mr McCord suffered internal bleeding, a lacerated lung and shattered pelvis after falling from his bike early on Friday morning, Bali time. Mr Doyle said the night spot which Mr McCord works at closes about 3am, and he was found by locals about an hour later.

He has had plates put into his arm and shoulder, two put into his pelvis and 12 into his chest while in a Bali hospital. Mr Doyle said there was still no explanation for how the motorbike accident happened and Jack’s friends and family were still trying to piece the incident together.

Sean Doyle, pictured left, and Jack, pictured right, have been mates for more than 10 years and after learning about the accident, Mr Doyle set up an online fundraising site

‘We know that four Indonesian boys found him and carried him to a local village hospital,’ he said. ‘They thought he was gone – they couldn’t find a pulse. We don’t quite know if they revived him.’

As Jack’s phone was locked, they had trouble contacting his family, including his wife Hilda.

Eventually they contacted the bike rental company, which owned the bike Jack was using, and were able to notify his relatives.

Jack was then conveyed from the village hospital to a bigger hospital and it was at this point that costs for his treatment quickly started mounting because Jack is not an Indonesian citizen, Mr Doyle said.

‘There had to be a prey-payment made so he could be admitted to hospital… a sworn statement had to be made committing to pay.’

Jamie Kaye, a friend of Jack and the musical director of a Balinese club, helped secure the money needed so their friend could be stabilised and operated on.

Mr Doyle said that Jack was now at a critical stage in his treatment. ‘The hospital (in Bali) does not have the facilities to keep treating him. Day three of his treatment will be one of the most critical, his immune system might reject what’s been operated on,’ he said.

Jack is an established DJ and producer, and has lived in Bali for three years

He also said the reaction and support to the fundraiser had been overwhelming. ‘I started it at 3am on Saturday morning – 36 hours later more than $1,000 an hour is coming in. At the beginning it was about $100,’ he said.

While the two met about 11 years ago while DJing for house music label Hed Kandi, Mr Doyle said the dance music community in Australia and Bali were rallying behind their friend.

‘A whole community of people have come together who know Jack. He’s very well known in the music scene and the whole community of dance music has really got behind,’ he said.

‘People from far and wide, the large contributions have come from  his affiliation with him through dance music.

Jack, pictured with his young son Ezekiel, is originally from Cronulla, in Sydney

‘The family is gobsmacked and completely touched how everyone has come together to save this guy’s life.’

Mr Doyle is the godfather of Jack’s one-year old son Ezekiel and said his friend’s wife Hilda will apply for a visa on Monday so she can travel to Australia to be with her husband.

Jack is originally from Cronulla, and currently lives in Petitenget in Bali with his family.

Promoter Paul Strange is a friend of Jack and organised a fundraiser event at Kings Cross club Goldfish, in Sydney, on Sunday night.

Mr Strange said while he had not set a target for the event, the aim was to ‘raise as much money as possible to get him the treatment.’

‘I’m just trying to help a mate I’ve known for 14 years,’ he said. ‘Every body in the scene is getting behind him – it’s been really positive.’ 

He said when the online fundraiser was launched, it reached about $2,000 at 10am Saturday. ‘The response has been phenomenal… to what it’s at now is amazing,’ he said.

A fundraiser was also held in a Bali club on Saturday night.

The Goldfish’s Facebook fundraiser event page said it took more than two hours for Jack to get to very basic medical help after his accident.

‘He was taken to hospital unconscious where it was discovered he had shattered most of the bones in the left side of his body,’ the page reads.

‘He has been in a coma for the past 24 hours, and has just completed eight hours of surgery to stabilise him in preparation for a medivac to Darwin where he will have a fighting chance at survival.’

Jack is considered one of the country’s top DJs and producers and has garnered attention at an international-level, according to his biography on the Groove Academey.

He was also a global ambassador and brand manager for the world’s No.1 house music label Hed Kandi, his bio reads.

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Navithalim, Australia,

10 hours ago

Thanks for showing him on a ventilator. How classy and tasteful. We must have more pics like this



16 hours ago

Let’s get this straight – Jack does NOT own any clubs, he has NOT asked for any money (hard to when you’re in a coma!), his health insurance does NOT cover flying him to another country for treatment and the hospital in Bali could NOT meet his medical needs.

So his friends got together and put out the appeal – you are NOT required to donate, if you want to do something then just send a good wish his way, it’s free!


Auckland, New Zealand,

19 hours ago

I do sympathise with him but he is 46 he should have insurance or at least some kind of funds behind him, or a family that can help, or at least they can get a loan or a credit card. I know if this happened to my wife I know I could get a loan, get some credit cards, re-mortgage my house or ask help from my family than ask help from strangers

2 of 3 repliesSee all replies



16 hours ago

Oh – and he does have health insurance – it doesn’t cover flying you to another country for treatment though.



15 hours ago

travel insurance

The Green Eye,

W.A., Australia,

19 hours ago

He owns two clubs but there are people giving their hard earned cash to get him home !!!!! Pfttttttttttttt.



16 hours ago

He doesn’t own any clubs – where do people get this rubbish from?!


Perth, Australia,

19 hours ago

Australia needs an agreement between the two countries. Too many Aussies not taking out travel insurance.



16 hours ago

He wasn’t travelling, he lives there health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of a medivac flight to another country for treatment, same as Aussie healthcare doesn’t cover flying you to another country. Can you honestly see Tony Abbott sticking his hand in his pocket to pay for tourists to get medivac’d home though….

Richard Merrell,

Blue Mountains, Australia,

20 hours ago

I wouldn’t be seen dead in BALI

Richard Merrell,

Blue Mountains, Australia,

20 hours ago



Spain, Spain,

1 day ago

It’s the chance you take when you live in those parts of the world.

Aaron Jarman,

santander, Spain,

1 day ago

Medical insurance covers only so much. One, having an intensive care flight costs a fortune! He is a resident there and of course has insurance. Being a motorcycle accident could have an effecteffect, but who knows what the rules are with medical costs inAustralia if the accidentaccident happens outside Australia.

So please don’t start ranting about not having travel or medical insurance. Please just wish him all the best.


Spain, Spain,

1 day ago

There was certainly no ranting in my comment about this guy having no insurance. He is just extremely fortunate that he is able to avail himself of healthcare in another country.

Tom Magee,

South Florida, United States,

1 day ago

On a recent trip to Bali, while traveling up one of the wonderfully safe roads, we passed the scene of a horrendous head on collision. I asked my driver how long it would take emergency services to reach the scene. He grinned and told me no one would be coming to help and they were on their own. I didn’t find this as shocking as the massive packs of mopeds and scooters in Jakarta. All in all, Indonesia is actually a truly wonderful place if you are at peace with your creator. Prayers that this fellow may recover fully.

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The dance music community is rallying behind the DJ and an event was held in ...

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