Thứ Ba, 10 tháng 6, 2014

Minister pockets cost of coaches for 2015 SEA Games

A ministry director, U Htay Aung, said the minister would use the money to cover the cost of foreign coaches.

He said U Tint Hsan, a wealthy hotel owner, was already paying K60 million a month for coaches ahead of the games, which open in Singapore next June.

“Our [ministry] budget only provides enough for us to hire 30 coaches for three months preparation but we are unable to attract suitable coaches for such a short time, so the minister told us to hire them for longer and if the budget is insufficient then he will meet the difference,” said U Htay Aung.

He said 64 coaches had accepted positions, of whom 46 had already arrived in Myanmar. Most of the coaches were from China but Thais and South Koreans would also be assuming coaching roles.

U Htay Aung said coaches were paid between US$1,500 and $2,000 a month (about K1.45 million to K1.94 million) and the cost to the minister of covering their salaries would be up to K110 million (about $113,000) a month.

“The minister has said he wants to achieve as much as he can during his term and hopes that when it is over his successor will continue his efforts,” said U Htay Aung.

A law enacted in January 2011 set the salaries of Union ministers at K3 million (about $3,000) a month.

Minister pockets cost of coaches for 2015 SEA Games

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