Thứ Tư, 18 tháng 6, 2014

Google launches map editing tool in Singapore

GOOGLE has finally launched its editing tool – a crowdsourcing initiative that allows users to add information to its mapping service – in Singapore, urging the local community to “start sharing your favourite Lion City nooks and crannies with the rest of the world today”.

Using Google Map Maker (, users can submit revisions to the map and the submissions will be updated on Google Maps once they have been verified, reported Today Online yesterday. The verification process is largely community based, in which other users can review the proposed changes, although Google also has its team of reviewers.

Things are changing all the time in Singapore, said Andrew McGlinchey, senior product manager, Google, South-east Asia. “Buildings are being opened up, torn down, roads are changing, stores are opening and closing. It’s very, very hard for us to keep up to date and there’s no better way to do it than to have the people who live nearby be able to just go change it, and keep it accurate that way.”

“We often hear … people saying ‘Did you know this road is actually closed now? Did you know this building is not there anymore and Google had got it wrong’. We’re trying – we have Street View, we’re licensing data, we’re doing the best we can to keep up … We know that people would like to fix this and now when someone says ‘Hey Google, did you know this isn’t right?’ We can say ‘Thank you please be our guest and fix it directly’,” he quipped.

Google launches map editing tool in Singapore

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