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Google finally allows editing of Singapore map

While Google Map Maker has been available in over 200 countries for quite some time, the service for Singapore map was only launched today

Google announced today that its Map Maker service that allows users to edit Google Maps and Google Earth is available for Singapore map too. Users can mark businesses, institutions or new road additions, besides marking political boundaries, roads, rivers, railways, outline buildings, museums, monuments and other establishments.

Google Map Maker was first launched in India in 2005, and is available in over 200 countries and regions. Singapore joins the group of the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in Southeast Asia, where the Google Map Maker service is available. Maps of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand cannot be edited yet.

Andrew McGlinchey, Senior Product Manager, Google, Southeast Asia, told a press gathering, “We’re always looking to improve our local offerings and there are many different elements that come into play while deciding the public to edit. We need to make sure we’ve got the data right before we invite the public to edit.”

Non-publicly available information such as the locations and details of military installations are treated as sensitive and edits are not allowed.

All changes are moderated and most of them are reviewed by fellow mapping volunteers in the Map Maker community. The more successful edits and reviews mappers make, the more trusted they become in the system, allowing them to make edits and reviews more easily.

Google also has a team of reviewers across the globe that may review and moderate updates in Map Maker to ensure data quality. “We also review all abuse reports and edits that are brought to our attention for further review. Overall, we believe that the knowledge of participatory mappers will expand the depth and breadth of coverage in Google Maps, providing a more meaningful and robust experience for all users,” McGlinchey said.

Google finally allows editing of Singapore map

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