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TicketCube on Orchard Road in Singapore to Close

Operations at the arts and entertainment (AE)

event concierge at Orchard Road, TicketCube, will cease on 30 June


TicketCube’s key

services, such as event concierge and ticketing, will be made

available at the Singapore Visitors Centre when it moves to its

new location at Emerald Hill later this year.

“Integrating TicketCube’s key services with

others provided by the new Singapore Visitors Centre will make it

much more convenient for our visitors. They can obtain information

and advice on arts and entertainment events in Singapore along with attractions, shows and other tourist offerings,” says Mr

Jason Ong, Deputy Director, Arts, at the Singapore Tourism Board.

Between 1 July 2014 and the opening of the visitor centre at

Emerald Hill, tourists and locals can continue to find out about Singapore’s AE offerings at the existing visitor centre at

Orchard (near Faber House). They can also find information and purchase event tickets directly from the ticketing service

providers’ ticketing counters or websites.


proliferation of arts and entertainment offerings in Singapore has

been matched by an increase in the number of information sources

and show reviews, especially through online and social media

platforms,” added Mr Ong. “In fact, many consumers can now access

information easily on our vibrant arts and entertainment events

calendar throughout the year. However, as part of our ongoing

efforts to provide travellers and locals with more options, we

will continue to maintain a physical avenue where they can receive

recommendations from staff at the visitor centre and purchase


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TicketCube on Orchard Road in Singapore to Close

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