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Siren song! Taylor Swift doesn"t miss a beat while strutting her lean legs on ...



Jennifer Pearson

12:58 EST, 9 June 2014


17:31 EST, 9 June 2014

With three days to go before her final bow, Taylor Swift is in no mood to slow it down during the last leg of her Red tour in Asia.

The 24-year-old songstress was the sexy siren once again as she performed her set of songs at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Monday.

Taylor showed off her slender figure in her signature black leather shorts and ivory blouse as she belted out one tune, her blonde mane capped with a black hat and red shoes on her feet.

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Siren song: Taylor Swift impressed in black leather shorts as she delivered another amazing performance in Singapore on Monday

The seven-time Grammy winner didn’t miss a beat, taking up an electric guitar to play a few notes for the crowd alongside her lead guitarist.

Taylor changed at one point into a lacy black dress and knee-high boots to perform a song at her grand piano.

She threw her head back and let her hair fall back as she hammered the piano keys enthusiastically.

Lady is a vamp: The 24-year-old singer vamped it up in lacy black outfit and red lipstick during a portion of her show at Singapore Indoor Stadium

Musically inclined: Taylor picked up an electric guitar to play a tune with her lead guitarist

Shaking it up: The seven-time Grammy winner shook out her mane of blonde hair


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The singer got up close to her audience by falling to her knees on stage and serenading a back-up dancer along with those who stood in the front rows.

Taylor pulled another quick change, this time showing off her lithe figure in a pair of red shorts and clingy blue top.

The superstar performed 13 songs including State Of Grace, Red, Teardrops On My Guitar, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Gracious: Taylor extended her gratitude for the applause with open arms and a smile

In the moment: Taylor threw back her head as her hands hammered on the piano keys in what appeared to be an emotionally charged moment

Serenade: The sultry songstress sang to one of her back-up dancers

Taylor took several bows during her show, bending forward at the waist in a sort of yoga stance while never losing sight of her amazing audience.

As with all of her shows, the concert featured two stages, dancers and rotating sets.

Taylor not only played piano and electric guitar, but took up the acoustic guitar and a banjo.

The star’s last show is set for Thursday at the same Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Final bow: Taylor will conclude her Red tour with a final show in Singapore on Thursday

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London, United Kingdom,

11 minutes ago

I hate how people label her as a a singer who mimes. I went to her red tour concert, she 100% sung all her songs live. She did multiple acoustic sets with just her and a guitar, she writes all her own songs, some with help from other writers, but she’s amazingly talented.



29 minutes ago

Why does the DM make out like having ‘lean’ legs is akin to discovering the cure for cancer? So what?

Louise Collins,

Dublin, Ireland,

38 minutes ago

Musically she just puts me into a coma from sheer boredom and dont even get me started on the wer drippy lyrics .

Fred the Red,

Redsville Little Britain, United Kingdom,

1 hour ago

She bends over a lot


perth, Australia,

2 hours ago

Ive gone off her.Shes great and all that ,but , next.


Hi, Canada,

2 hours ago

like her voice, you’re burning red….!!


Brisbane, Australia,

3 hours ago

Taylor Swift is lovely and talented and I think it is sad that some people have nithing better to do then be rude about someone they don’t know.


Atlanta, United States,

4 hours ago

I liked her look in the beginning but hasn’t she been wearing these ‘costumes’ for ages now. icon wink


Vaud, Switzerland,

1 hour ago

Yeah I was thinking that too, especially the first one looks like an old outfit.


melbourne, Australia,

4 hours ago

She’s really trying hard to make those shorts and shoes happen isn’t she? She needs to just stop.

Ricardo Styvesent,

HALIFAX, Canada,

5 hours ago

IMHO, perhaps the most talented singer we have ever seen.

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WH, United States,

4 hours ago

And, as if that wasn’t enough, she writes her own music too! Plus she has a great sense of fashion and knows how to carry herself. She’s really quite remarkable.

Louise Collins,

Dublin, Ireland,

36 minutes ago

Omg hahaha. Oh you are serious! Ingrid Michaelson writes and sings and does both with mode talent than princess swift

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Siren song! Taylor Swift doesn"t miss a beat while strutting her lean legs on ...

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