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Singapore Man Wins Lunch With Warren Buffett


Let’s head to singapore.

Maybe our correspondent has some thoughts.

I do not know.

We do not know anything more about him.

He is mysterious.

No one has managed to track him down.

He fit the profile.

You can bet on the fact that he has the money.

Enough to pay almost $2.2 million to dine with warren buffett.

He probably will have some friends in tow.

The bid was made with less than 10 minutes to go.

As you know, this auction has gone on for years.

Lunch with warren buffett at a steakhouse in new york.

It is all in the name of charity.

He is raising money for an organization.

He has not done too badly.

Almost $18 million has been raised since he started.

The first option was in 2000 and raise $25,000. the amount now seems small when compared to the record set two years ago.

An unidentified man paid $3.5 million.

The event has drawn buffett admirers who want to spend time with the man.

If you are lucky like a two-time big winner, he is working for berkshire hathaway.

That is not surprising.

That is a big prize.

He is having lunch at the man.

So you can talk about selling yourself or a future job with warren buffett.

That is what he did over the course of the dinners.

What other things can you talk about?

The lunches typically last a couple of hours.

There’s only one thing you cannot ask.

You cannot ask buffett what he might invested.

All other topics are open.

Including his investing philosophy.

He says he tries to — he is unsure what people are willing to spend so much with a private audience with him.

It is a hot ticket item.

It sure is.

$2.2 billion.

All-you-can-eat steak and whenever you want to drink.

It is all good.

I believe he is allowed to bring seven friends.

I cannot even tell you who he

Singapore Man Wins Lunch With Warren Buffett

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