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Quick question on Return Resident Visa (Subclass 155 / 157)

Hi guys, I’ve been reading a few threads on RRV on this forum, but I couldn’t find any post that closely reflects my circumstances.

My husband has been offered a job in Singapore (in the automotive industry) and with the OZ economy not looking great for a while (Toyota, Ford, Holden pulling out etc.), he’s really keen to make this job offer work out for him. He’s been applying for jobs here in Brissie for several months without much luck.

If we move to Singapore, at that point of time I’d have been on the partner visa 801 for 2 years. He’s thinking of being based overseas for 3-5 years and our final plan would be to move back to Australia. So here comes my 1st question: am I right to say that the RRV will also apply to me, even though I hold a partner visa?

Knowing that I’d be away for such a long time indefinitely, the hubs is also concerned if my partner visa will be affected in any way. In fact, he feels that if my 801 visa is going to be jeopardised, he’d rather give up the job. If I do have to apply for RRV, my evidence for the application would be family ties – husband is an Australian citizen. Second question is: is there anything else about RRV that I should prepare for or need to know? I’m asking because it seems to me DIAC is getting stricter in approving these applications.

My final question is, I initially came to Australia on ETA, was on Bridging Visa A for 5 months, before being granted 801. Do the 5 months on BVA count towards ‘permanent residency’ when totalling up the ’2 out of 5 years as a permanent resident’ requirement for the RRV?

Thanks very much in advance for your input!

Quick question on Return Resident Visa (Subclass 155 / 157)

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