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Mischief conviction in Singapore, is it CIMT?

I was convicted of mischief under Singapore penal code section 426 and 427 last year. I am now looking to travel to the US as an immigrant on a diversity visa I was recently selected.

First of all, is my conviction of mischief a CIMT?

This was a dispute with my landlord who entered my room naked, when through my belongings and took photos while I was showering and while I was out. I moved out because of this, and now he won’t return my deposit back. I filed for small claims, and he didn’t show up in court and so I won the judgment. At the end of the day, I was the one who had to enforce the order and got sick and tired of all the paper work and cost and committed mischief.

The judge fined me $2500 Singapore dollars. I didn’t do any prison time.

Given the above, what are my chances of getting a DV-1 immigrant visa?

Mischief conviction in Singapore, is it CIMT?

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