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Five vertical gardens in Singapore that have hit a high mark

Singapore is often hailed as a Garden City, but have you heard of its vertical gardens?

Tree House, a condominium project by City Developments Ltd, now holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest vertical garden. We check out more of these towering landscaped beauties that can be found right here in Singapore.

1. Park Royal Vertical Garden

This 12-storey structure was designed by award-winning Singapore-based architects WOHA, and envelops Park Royal in central Pickering with its lush greenery. It was built around a “building-as-garden” concept, and connects the Central Business District with neighbouring historic districts such as Chinatown and Clarke Quay.

Plants feature prominently both on the exterior and the naturally lit interiors in a garden-themed aesthetic. The structure also includes solar-powered vertical gardens, reflecting pools, green valleys and water features covering 15,000 sq m.

The building received a Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Platinum rating for its extensive sustainable design, the highest certification level for green buildings in Singapore.
The top floor also features the Orchid Club Lounge, which presents multi-functional space and city views. On the fifth floor, the 330m-long garden strip has an infinity pool and a wellness centre.

2. Rainforest Rhapsody

The main lobby of the office building is adorned with cascading plants that mimic their natural growth patterns — PHOTO: CAPITACOMMERCIAL TRUST

Completed and opened in 2011 by CapitaCommercial Trust Management Ltd, this first and largest indoor vertical garden is situated right in Singapore’s Central Business District, in the main lobby of the office building of 6 Battery Road.

It was created by award-winning French botanist Patrick Blanc, who has designed over 140 vertical gardens.The office building has received the Green Mark Platinum award for its efforts in energy consumption.

The garden features 120 plant species from Singapore and other parts of Asia, which are arranged and planted in an oblique direction. This is inspired by the natural growth pattern of plants which grow along vertical cliff surfaces and branches of rainforest trees.

The plants absorb environmental pollutants and add oxygen to the air, thereby refreshing the building’s lobby.

3. Ocean Financial Centre

The green wall in the Ocean Financial Centre features maps from Singapore, South East Asia, and the world using different species of plants. — PHOTO: KEPPEL CORPORATION

Five vertical gardens in Singapore that have hit a high mark

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