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Faces of Nepalese Prime Ministers, 1990-2014

By Dirgha Raj Prasai ., 15-06-14 :

In Nepal, the constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democratic system can move the country with coordination. In practice, there must be coordinated and balance among the nationality, monarchy and democracy. But, due to the recklessness of the leadership in national devlopment, Nepal is in disarray because the regime has always been in the grip of traitors and corrupt leaders. In the name of democracy, from 1990, the national state treasury was pilfered by the politicians who were in power. After the establishment of an all-party system in 1990, the week when Krishna Prasad Bhattarai became the Prime Minister of the interim rule, 10 Nepal Police personnel were killed in broad daylight. All miscreants, murderers, corrupts and criminals jailed during the Panchayat period were released by taking commission. Rs.150 million was distributed to just about anyone under the pretext of political victims.

During the visit in India by the interim Prime Minister-Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, a statement was signed on 10 June in 1990 that lacked remarks over alleged Indian blockade on Nepal. The view of common money and Common River was introduced unnecessary- a move that broke the backbone of nation’s industrial sector. But, in total, he could format the 2047 constitution supporting by all sectors and participation. The main objective of the 2047 constitution is to strengthen the nationality, monarchy and parliamentary democracy. He wanted to apply the political ideology of BP Koirala in practice. The former PM Krishna Prasad Bhattarai- passed away 2068-BS who was a dedicated personality of constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy and Hindu Kingdom. He stood steadfast and never abandoned his principles for the shake of power and privileges until his last breath. He was non-corrupt nationalist. He had a sharp sense of humor that could satire to everybody. When he became Prime minister two times he was with one trunk (old box), one water jar and one umbrella and after his tenure of PM, he returned with the same three things but not valuable armaments and money.

In 1991, Girija Prasad Koirala became the Prime Minister. After becoming the premier, Koirala Congressionized the nation’s administrative management and introduced several, plans and pilfered state coffers. Koirala until 1994, sold 12 organizations and industries contributed by China, taking millions as commission. He drained the nation’s economy through the Boeing, Damija and Lauda scams in the name of suppressing communist- the suppression impelled Maoist revolution. It is a habit of Koirala to support the King when he retains the post and jump in opposition against King after being removed from the post. Koirala who became Prime Minister every now and then through many conspiracies became PM once again after 2005 by treading on the Constitution and riding on Maoist shoulders. We had believed he would not repeat the past mistakes while working. After reaching the state power Koirala declared secularism and republic to perish Nepal’s identity. Traitors never become positive.

Congress leader, Sherbahadur Deuba who became Prime Minister after the Supreme Court forcibly reinstated the abolished parliament in 1995, became a man in no man’s land. After becoming PM, Deuba devised various ideas to retain the power. Deuba declared pensions for parliamentarians; increased allowances by 10 times the number then provided them with Prado and Pajero vehicles. He also led the anti-nationalist Mahakali Treaty. He provided the platform for many corrupts in the cabinet to drain the nation’s money. Yes- India is not a terrorist country, but it gave shelters to the Nepalese Maoists to wage war against Nepalese Govt. and monarchy in particular. Then, Deupa’s Govt. tagged the Maoists as the terrorist and put price on the Maoist leaders heads. After 2005 they joined the hands by the mediation of RAW in the name of constituent Assembly for desintrigate the Nepalese unity, nationality. During his third time as PM after King Gyanendra took to power, the PM drained state money. He could not do anything in name of the nation. Sher Bahadur is the political pendulum and corrupt man of congress’ politics. The period when Sher Bahadur reigned as PM is considered an extremely corrupt era.

There are two truths in the world, natural and artificial. Things that humans can manipulate by knowing and understanding are artificial. Those things that lie outside the bounds of humans’ desire can be taken as natural. Corrupt leaders and traitors have taken control over Nepal’s state governance. They do not want to respect the natural structure nor do they embrace artificial ideologies. Due to traitors, the nation is becoming unstable. These traitors have one aim; and that is to fulfill their self-interest. For them, it is, ‘Ends justify the means’. A good man’s goal will be to conclude the process already underway towards another goal. It is, ‘Means justify ends.’ In Nepal, during the Panchayat rule there were no arrangements for an opposition in constitutional framework. An all party system was established in 1990 so as to run the state on policies of both the state parties and the opposition. However, Nepali Congress and UML that successively came to government after the establishment of democracy pillaged the state coffer sending the country to dregs.

An analyst Rabi Bhandari ‘Pratap’ writes on a subject pertaining to the amount of properties added by Sher Bahadur Deuba after he became Prime Minister. He writes, “Sher Bahadur has 269 Ropanis (equivalent to 5,625 square feet) of land in Sainbu, Bhainsepati; in Bhaktapur the leader has 100 Ropanis; 50 Ropanis land equivalent to Rs. 6 billion near Fewa Lake in Pokhara, and his house in Budhanilkantha costs approximately Rs. 500 million. How much money, gold, silver and other materials has he deposited in national and international banks? Rumor has it that the commission he received when purchasing weapons from Belgium were deposited in Singapore bank. He says that his properties were all gained from his wife’s side. However, his wife’s background is that of a not so rich family living in Jawalakhel, who was able to use Shumsher as surname due to the demand of Bobod, son of Juda Shumsher’s concubine. Arju Rana, wife of Deuba, used to ride a black scooter in 1990. We can clearly grasp the economic plight of Arju’s family in the book of ‘Sri Teens’ by Purushottam Shumsher Rana.

After the 2nd mass election 2052 BS, CPN (UML) leader Manmohan Adhikary became the PM of Nepal who was not a corrupt leader but during his reign as PM corruption was made easy. Manmohan who did not sign the Mahakali Treaty supported the Mahakali Treaty. Surya Bahadur Thapa and Lokendra Bahadur Chand who held considerable sway during Panchayat era also drained national coffers to suffice the needs of their men and to quench the need till their seventh-generation. Lokendra Bahadur is incapable in political terms and filth for nationality. Surya Bahadur Thapa is a corrupt leader of conservative factionalism. Surya Bahadur became successful in becoming PM by drawing on various plots. In 2003, after Thapa became PM he expanded the pension camp of Indian soldier board and gave entry to Indian power in more than 25 districts. This allowed Indians to impose as much as programmed in their capability. Surya Bahadur is a traitor.

Tulsi Giri and Kirtinidhi Bista who came to fame as nationalist by becoming PM in Panchayat era became vice chairman of the cabinet formed under the chairmanship of the King after 2004. They were subjected to humiliation after they proved to be incapable. The royal institution was pushed into trouble as wrong people gained the opportunity to hold power. Among the deputy prime ministers Madhav Kumar Nepal (the former PM), Bharat Mohan Adhikary, Bamdev Gautam, Upendra Yadav, Bijaya Gachedar did nothing more than fulfill their self interest and suck at the nation. When late Shailaja Acharya took a stance on a policy she was chased by her maternal uncle -Girija. Since 1990 Kumbahadur Khadka, Gobindaraj Joshi, Pashupati Shamshre, Jayaprakash Gupta, Hridayesh Tripathi, Rajendra Mahato and after 2008 Sujata Koirala, ( Daughter of Girija) the deputy PM and ministers but they earned a fame of ambushing the nation in the net of corruption.

Among the entire Prime Ministers of Nepal, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and UML leader Manmohan Adhikary are known as persons with untainted image regardless of the 10 point agreement reached with the government on 10 July 1990 by KP Bhattarai and support to Mahakali treaty by Manamohan Adhikari.

The Maoist chairman Prachanda became Prime minister-2008 but he was non-starter and could not do anything except confusions. PM Prachanda’s views were not explicit. Girija Prasad destroyed Nepali Congress and the nation. During his visit to India, he kicked the upper Karnali and Arun Third including the commitment of Mahakali treaty and handed them to India. Citizenship certificates were distributed to millions of foreigners but the party remained silent. Maoist boasts about being secular has attacked the culture, tradition and moved in contravention to exiting rules by appointing priests in Pashupatinath Temple. It revoked its earlier decision after witnessing people’s revolt and accepted the past mistake. This drama has revealed the dual character of Prachanda.

Due to their notorious activities of Maoists, the non-starter government could not move and Maoist Prachanda resigned without reason. The Maoists intention to establish the one-party rule by money and guns constitutes the essence of power. Now, the Maoists want to destroy the system of the court as well as the norms of national Army to establish a totalitarian Stalinist state and isolate Nepal from the international arena in pursuit of their antiquated ideology.

After the resignation of Maoist chairman Prachanda, and then, imposing from India, UML leader Madhab nepal became the Prime minister. He could not do anything for the benefit of the country. The shameless activities under the 12-point agreement are clear indications of the bias the antinationalist party leaders have towards India. By making a republic, secularism and federalism, their agenda, the congress, UML and other parties are only digging their own graves. Madhav nepal also resigned showing the path of consensus. But, the consensus is becoming only a drama. The resignation of the Prime Minister Madhab Nepal could not give the solution.

After the resignation of Madhab Nepal, other UML leaders Jhalanath became the PM by the support of the Maoist Prachanda. Jhalanath also lost his all credibility when he became the PM of Nepal like a non starter driver. Jhalanath Khanal, who touched on controversy inside his party after supporting the Maoists, became Prime Minister for seven months. He resigned weeping. Within the three major parties – Nepal Congress, UML and Unified CPN (Maoist) – things are getting revealed. Jhalanath was chased, after he became the premier, in support of the Maoists. After Jalanath Khanal, the Maoist 2nd leader Baburam Bhattarai became the PM of Nepal by the interest of RAW. The former chief of Protocol of foreign Ministry Gopal Thapa has expressed- ‘Baburam Bhattarai makes no effort to hide his pathological hatred for the western band of democracy. Like his fellow comrades, he is convinced that peace, progress and prosperity in Nepal is possible only when the old set of political, social and cultural values are destroyed completely through their brand of radical communism’.(22 June,2012)

After the Royal Palace Massacre, the Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai wrote blaming the King Gyanendra, according to the suggestion of P. Harmij (Nepal-Chief of RAW) that King Gyanendra was responsible for the Palace massacre, 2001 (Kantipur Nepali daily Nepali Bs 2058 Jestha 24. P. Baburam is mentally corrupt who wants to destroy all the identities of Nepal who always has obeyed P.Harmij. Harmij, being both are Catholic. It is notable that after the Royal Massacre, P. Harmij was appointed the Chief of RAW in India. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai showed his action as a most controversial and first Christian Prime ministers of Nepal. Due to his wrong thought regarding Nepalese nationality, Dr. Babauram Bhattarai’s position is in confused state. Because, being the product of JNU-Delhi, he has forgotten the Nepalese nationality and the people’s aspirations. The fact is that during the insurgency in Nepal the Nepalese Maoists, enjoyed the Indian soil as safe shelter and also received enough funds and underground trainings for its fighters for arms and explosives in the Indian camps. Through the 12-point agreement, India became a decisive factor to remove the institution of monarchy with the help of the Nepali Maoist, which was declared terrorists by India. India played a double game while dealing with terrorism.

On the direction of Indian intelligence, scattered Madhesis leaders who are followers of India were gathered and 4 point agreement was made to be Dr. Bhattarai as a PM of Nepal. As he became prime minister just a day after 4 point agreement he initiated to incorporate 10000 Madeshis in Nepalese army, supported anti-national slogan ‘One Madhesh singe province’ and displaced national dress of Nepal. He decided to demolish the statue of Father of nation King Tribhuvan insulting him. King Tribhuvan has made great contribution in revolution of 2007 BS. He denied accepting national unity day and the birth occasion of the founder of big Nepal the great King Prithbinarayan Shah. He tried to implement AD instead of Bikram Sambat. He protected murderers, kidnappers and corrupts and incorporated in his cabinet. Actually, the former PM Baburam Bhattarai became active to pull the country in drain just as newly born baby thrown in boiling water by a doctor.

After the expiry of Constituent Assembly at midnight of 14th Jesta 2068, almost one year, the four parties Syndicate and the puppet the CJ Khilraj Regmi are legally debarred from exercising any constitutional right without constitutional mandate. After the Maoist Baburam Bhattarai, the CJ Khilraj Regmi a had appointed as a head of government for 2nd CA election, damaging the norms of judiciary and the democratic norms in a dictatorial style by the hint of RAW and western countries finishing the norms of judiciary. After the 2nd CA election, Nepali Congress leader Susil Koirala became the PM of Nepal. The PM Susil Koirala is one of the incompetent political actors in Nepali Congress who has no sense of Nepalese nationality and political judgment. He is getting fizzle out himself. In his cabinet, many corrupted ministers have exercising in corruptions. Can we expect that the traitors save Nepal?’ Crows are never the white for washing.’ What can we expect when wrong elements come to power? I am very sorry to write that those who raped the nation capturing the regime, the corrupt PMs, Ministers, administrators, corrupts personal and their brokers who were and are involving to loot the country and to destroy Nepal. These evil elements must be punished confiscating their property, keeping in jail.

An analyst Bec Ordish writes- ‘Nepal is not a poor country; it is just poorly governed.’ ‘Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN (UML) again seem to be fascinated with dog-eat-dog competition for pouncing upon greater chunk in the share of power. Similarly, the UCPN (Maoist) is again using wayward tactics to meet its own political end. The threat to boycott the CA citing “massive vote rigging” can, in no way, be termed as a rational political exercise. Other parties who suffered humiliating defeat in the CA election is also crying foul by backing the Maoists. The parties are also nominating many businessmen as their PR candidates in exchange of the kickback provided to political leaders.’ The country spent billions of rupees to conduct the 2nd CA elections, yet, there is no certainty that a constitution will be written within one year or even within four years. Even if the constitution is drafted, whether that will be acceptable to all or the constitution is going to be burnt immediately after its issuance. So, it is uncertainty to format the new constitution.

So, to safeguard the nationality democracy, the King ought to be re-established, and the parliamentary democracy should be strong. Equally, the political leaders must be patriotic be true to what they say. The problems of Nepal will only be resolved only when the King and the nationalist people’s leaders are together in Nepal. What were pitfalls of the Constitution of 1990? Why was it suspended without reason? What kind of new constitution would we require? Why has India supported the Constituent assembly? This Indian conspiracy is the causes of crisis in Nepal. But, since 14th May 2014, the BJP Narendra Modi won India chasing the nefarious leadership of Congress (I)- Sonia Gandhi regime and the RAW. Due to the notorious conspirator role of Congress (I)-the Catholic Sonia regime has ended forever.

Nepalese people are feeling that the country in the worst situation in Nepalese history. We Nepalese people hope- Govt. of BJP should be realized the nefarious activities of to break Nepal imposing the secularism (Christianity) and republic and its will suggest to restore the Hindu kingdom and constitutional monarchy to maintain the cordial relation between Nepal and India and to keep intact peace in this zone. Monarchy and Hindu Kingdom are co-related in Nepal. The permanent institution- ‘monarchy’ can put unites the cordial relation between Nepal, India and China. Nepalese king has ever acted or walked on the path which is against Nepal’s national interest. The Constitution-1990 has been forcibly abducted by the same vicious circle by using the modes of unilateral and undemocratic process. It would be right medication to Nepal to reinstate the unchangeable constitutional points of the constitution-2047 BS in order to fill-up the democratic and constitutional gap with the presence of monarchy, political parties and nationalist forces including the army, police and court and various organs of the nation.


Faces of Nepalese Prime Ministers, 1990-2014

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