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CleanEnviro event ends with over $318m deals

MORE than $318 million worth of projects were announced at the CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS), which ended on Wednesday. The biennial summit, organised by the National Environment Agency, was one of three global events that were held concurrently, the other two being the Singapore International Water Week and the World Cities Summit.

CESS organisers said yesterday that there were also an estimated $369 million worth of potential deals in the pipeline. Among the deals signed during the four-day CESS was a $15 million project for the development and operation of a facility to recover metals from incineration bottom ash. Two tenders for integrated public cleaning contracts worth just over $300 million were also awarded.

More than 20,000 participants from 118 countries attended the three events. “The vibrant exchange of best practices and experiences,” said NEA chief executive Ronnie Tay, “as well as innovation and technologies across government and industry sectors over the past few days, is testament to the strong level of commitment from stakeholders to adopt innovative solutions to address rising challenges.”

The next CESS will be held in July 2016 in Singapore.

CleanEnviro event ends with over $318m deals

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