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Special Focus on Visa Rules and Regulations in Various Countries: America ...

Special Focus on Visa Rules and Regulations in Various Countries: America, Australia, Brazil, European Union

Job abroad is the goal for youth of today.  Most of the engineering and IT students aspire to go abroad for job purpose.  Foreign companies are also showing interest to recruit candidates from India as they are proficient in English, are hard workers and can accommodate in any situation.  Visa is needed to work abroad and here are the rules and regulation of visas to various countries.

New Delhi: Job opportunities are available in America, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and other countries.  Opportunities are more for science and engineering candidates.  Mid career professional are given more importance.

America: H1-B Visa is needed by architecture, engineering, mathematics, science and medicine candidates from various countries work in US.  America Company applied to US immigration department for visa for the candidate they are recruiting.  Only 65,000 H1-B visa are given for a financial year.  The applications are selected through a lottery and thus luck is also needed to get this visa.  This is issued three years in the beginning and can be extended by another three years.

European Union: four to eight weeks time is needed to get visa to European Union countries. The candidates need to apply to the work visa separately to the country in which he is intended to work.  If the company has branches in different countries in European Union, multi entry visas are also needed.  Recently EU Intra Corporate Transfree visa is introduced using which it is possible to work in any European Union country up to 90 days.

South Africa: To get visa to work in South Africa, the applicant need to submit police certificates from all the countries he worked earlier.

Singapore: Singapore work permit process is looked after ministry of man power.  There are different work permits based on salary, type of job, skills and work experience.  Employment pass, S pass and work permits are different types for which applications have to be submitted.  Companies in Singapore need to pay 15 to 20 percent more salaries to foreign employees and thus these companies try to cut the number of employees from other countries.

Brazil: it takes three months to obtain work permit.  To apply for temporary work Visa, the candidates must have obtained job offer from Brazil Company or any other foreign company having branches in Brazil.  The company submits the applies for Visa on behalf of the employee to immigration division of the ministry of labor.  Work permit is given only if all the documents such as work experience, job agreement, police report and medical reports are satisfactory.

Australia: 457 Visa program or The Temporary Works Visa is needed to work in Australia for four years.

Special Focus on Visa Rules and Regulations in Various Countries: America ...

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