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Wear your heart on your sleeve for National Day

Love the Singapore skyline? You could wear a print of it, made by a sari designer to commemorate Singapore’s birthday.

Singapore-fashioned designs from Saree Sense (Photo: Leong Wai Kit)

SINGAPORE: To tie in with the nation’s birthday, one woman has designed 10 saris with a Singaporean twist. Ms Subashini Balakrishnan from Saree Sense took a year to conceptualise the designs.

“I actually got a very good friend of mine who’s an architect to actually draw out this entire design – the Singapore skyline, on actual paper, and then we digitalised it to make it a sari,” said Ms Balakrishnan.

The objective she said, was to make a special souvenir for tourists. “I thought to myself, what are some of the top 10 things a visiting tourist or expat would think about when they return home? Things like the HDB, or our MRT, or even our Esplanade, for example. I use these elements to inspire me in my design.” The saris cost about S$300 each and are sold online as well as at Club Street.

Another entrepreneur, Mr Melvin Lim has made t-shirts emblazoned with the names “Yusof, Ong, Nathan and Tony” a nod to Singapore’s presidents. He hopes that Lim.Edition can be a market leader in clothing design with a local flavour.

Meanwhile, United Overseas Bank showed off a flashy accessory for National Day. It is launching a special red and white One Visa credit card imprinted with stars on Aug 9. One lucky 50-year-old, Mr Dominic Peters was first to get his hands on it, along with a S$3,000 hamper, as a bonus.

Wear your heart on your sleeve for National Day

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