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Site helps users find hotels with fastest Wifi connection

With more and more hotel guests listing free Wifi as their top priority when booking a room, a new site has been created to help travelers find properties with the best connectivity.

In addition to listing hotels around the world with free Wifi, also ranks properties according to their Internet speed.

In Paris, for instance, the Hotel Vendome is listed as the hotel with the fastest connection, at 92 mbps.

In New York, guests staying at the Da Vinci Hotel and the New York Hilton Midtown can also be assured of free, efficient Internet connectivity at about 53 mbps.

In a report released this spring by online booking site, 1,000 travelers around the world named free connectivity as their top in-room amenity for the second year in a row.

So far, features properties in cities including New York, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Paris and Las Vegas, among others.

Guests can help expand the listing by connecting to the hotel’s in-house Wifi and running a speed test at

Users can also share the results via social media sites and help fellow travelers find the lodgings with the fastest and most efficient internet connectivity — particularly valuable for business travelers.

Site helps users find hotels with fastest Wifi connection

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