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Interdean supports innovative plans to redevelop Singapore"s waterways


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The reaction follows news that an international architecture group has put forward a proposal to change the face of Singapore’s famous waterways by introducing floating pods to become the new centres of cuisine and culture.

The proposal has outlined plans to produce pods that are both self-contained and solar-powered. The idea is that they will replace the traditional platforms that can be seen across the banks of the waterways, and that those businesses will have the chance to relocate to the new designs. This would mean that the pods would be home to a whole host of different traders to create an extremely vibrant, individual environment on each one.

The architects, named the SPARK design group, have stated they have designed the project ‘in the Singaporean context’. The pods are extremely futuristic in design, and are shaded by canopies that contain solar ‘pillows’ in order to give them power.

Dubbed ‘the Solar Orchid’ project, it is expected to be approved by city officials soon in order to begin the construction process.

Many experts believe that it may set a precedent for all urban waterway developments in the future. If they can prove to be self-sufficient and the waterways remain protected against issues such as litter, there is no reason why this cannot be the case.

A spokesperson for Interdean, experts in international relocation, has supported the proposal. ‘Singapore has long been considered one of the most impressive cities in the world when it comes to modern architecture.

‘With the waterways being such a huge part of Singaporean life, this redevelopment can only be a good thing for local businesses, residents and tourists alike. The fact that they are to be solar powered is a huge contributing factor to the attraction of the project, and highlights how important self-sufficiency is to the country. The floating pods are yet another example of why people from all over the world are continuing to relocate to Singapore.’

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Interdean supports innovative plans to redevelop Singapore"s waterways

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