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Interdean responds to news that Singapore provides excellent quality of life


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A move to Singapore will undoubtedly be a move that will help improve your quality of life. This is due to the fact the Singapore is one of the most advanced cities in the world.

If you are making a move to Singapore for professional reasons you will want to guarantee the move is right for you. Ideally you will want your life to be better compared to your previous home. Depending on your preferences and your profession, this could include a number of factors.

Most expatriates will want to know that they will be living in a nicer area or home, with easy links to their place of work and a reliable health care service. On top of this you may be looking for a number of different things to improve your quality of life. Perhaps you are looking for a better sense of community, a higher wage or just generally a safe environment.

Singapore’s GDP per capita is among the highest in the world. This means most Singaporeans have a reasonable, if not high, standard of living. Wealth acquisition does not necessarily lead to higher quality of life, but it certainly is a factor to consider.

A main concern before you move may be trying to understand Singapore’s health care system. According to Singapore Expat Guides, Singapore’s health care system is truly excellent. With 13 private hospitals and 10 public (government) hospitals and specialist clinics you will never feel like you are making a compromise when it comes to your health. The medical facilities are among the finest in the world with very well qualified doctors and dentists.

As an expatriate you may be worried about the safety of your new home. Singapore is arguably one of the safest cities on Earth. Law and order is completely under control. There is very low tolerance for religious or racial tensions and extremism is virtually unheard of. The government takes swift and decisive action against drug trafficking and many other offences. There is an incredibly high degree of personal safety. Singapore continually tops the regional charts conducted by Mercer.

With an excellent public transport infrastructure you won’t have to worry about your commute to work again. You can get to where you need to be quickly and with ease. This makes it easier for you to explore the city and meet new people. There are many networking events in Singapore every week. Many expatriate’s meet monthly in top venues, making it a great way to meet other professionals like you.

A spokesperson from Interdean states:

‘When it comes to quality of life in Singapore, there really are no flaws. Anyone who relocates will undoubtedly see an improvement to their quality of life. The life of a professional can be hectic and incredibly stressful. Singapore is designed around professionals, due to its incredibly low unemployment rate. This means that everything that you would need to support you and make your life easier is readily available to you. If you’re a professional looking for a life change, then no look no further. Singapore could just be the solution to all your problems.’

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Interdean responds to news that Singapore provides excellent quality of life

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