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TripAdvisor now allows offline browsing when traveling

When traveling to a new place, we all know that it is crucial to do research beforehand so you’d know where to eat, where to shop, which places to visit, etc. Sometimes though, you need to visit a travel website when you’re there already, but you know that roaming charges are a headache. TripAdvisor, one of the most popular travel recommendation and ratings website, now has an offline feature that can help you with this problem.

Let’s say you’re going to travel to Singapore for the first time and are quite nervous because it is your first foray outside of North America. Before you leave the comfort of your home and your cheap WiFi, search for the city on your TripAdvisor app. You just have to tap a button and now you can download the content for that city, which includes reviews, photos and most importantly, maps! So when you finally reach Singapore and realise there’s no free WiFi, just open the app and you can browse through the content you’ve downloaded.

When you have no data connection, the offline mode will show you 10 reviews for each point of interest. But when it detects that you finally have Internet, then it will switch to the full version. A very important feature for travellers is allowing you to download the latest version of the city map, as accessing your phone’s maps can sometimes be a huge data hog. You can add or remove the city maps as needed, especially when traveling in a country with many cities.

TripAdvisor has millions of reviews and content for over 300 cities around the world. The offline mode is available for countries where the app is present, and can also be translated in the language you prefer. Just visit the Google Play Store to download the TripAdvisor City Guides.

SOURCE: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor now allows offline browsing when traveling

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