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New Amaris Hotel Ponorogo by Amaris Hotel Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts

Amaris Hotel Santika Indonesia Hotels Resorts opens a new hotel in Ponorogo which offers simple comforts for your business trip or traveling needs.

Not only does Ponorogo have the “Reog” cultural show but it also has tourism destination and business potentials that are too good to be missed.

Ponorogo is an East Java district known as the Reog town because it is home to the exotic Reog dance performance. It is also known as the town of santri or Islamic boarding school students since the city also houses plenty of pesantren or Islamic boarding schools and one of them is Pondok Modern Darussalam.

The districts of Madiun and Ponorogo are located adjacent to each other, with Ponorogo situated to the south and Madiun is situated to the north. Amaris Hotel Ponorogo is located on the entrance to the Madiun district main thoroughfare.

One of Ponorogo’s most famous cultural items is the Reog and being the town where the Reog is originated, the main gate of Ponorogo town is decorated with two main characters that always feature during the reog dance performance, namely Warok and Gemblak. The center stage for Reog Ponorogo dance is the town hall where Reog Ponorogo is performed on every full moon.

Amaris Hotel Ponorogo also offers state of the art MICE facilities for your business needs.

Ponorogo also has some attractive natural tourist destinations such as the Ngebel Pond. It is a natural pond located in Ponorogo’s high plains and it can be reached in about 30-45 minutes from downtown Ponorogo. The town also has various business potentials which have become the pride of its inhabitants, such as leather craft or agronomy.

Amaris Hotel Ponorogo will make the picture of such business potentials complete as the hotel is present with a bed and breakfast concept that puts business as priority. It also boasts simple and colorful style and is strategically located, making it the perfect place to stay for both business and pleasure. Amaris Hotel is managed by Santika Indonesia Hotels Resorts and the hotel chain has been growing rapidly as a smart hotel that continues to strive to meet the guests’ needs while prioritizing quality services and practicality. Amaris Ponorogo is Santika Indonesia Hotels Resorts’ 71st hotel and Amaris Hotel Group’s 37th. It is located in Mall Ponorogo Center at Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 19 which is close to the town’s business center and the seat of the local government.

Amaris Hotel Ponorogo has 80 smart rooms equipped with meeting rooms, LED TV, @Xpress, Wi Fi Internet Access, Save Deposit Box and Parking Area.

There’s a promotion price at Rp 320,000 valid until August 31, 2014 including breakfast for two people.

It Completes Your Business and Tourism Destination.

Amaris Hotel has hotels in other major cities, such as Ambon, Bali, Batam, Bekasi, Bandung, Banjarmasin, Bogor, Cirebon, Gorontalo, Makassar, Malang, Palembang, Palangkaraya Pekanbaru, Samarinda, Semarang, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. You can also find Amaris Hotel Bugis in Singapore. In Jakarta, there are Amaris Hotels in Soekarno Hatta Airport, Grogol, Juanda, Mangga Besar, Mangga Dua Square, Panglima Polim, Seasons City, Senen, Pancoran, Tendean, Tebet and Thamrin City.

For more info about Amaris Hotel, you can directly visit the official website Amaris Hotel in

New Amaris Hotel Ponorogo by Amaris Hotel Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts

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