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Looking to buy cheap beer online in Singapore for the World Cup? Find the best ...

Beer is expensive in Singapore, without a doubt. But watching a World Cup game late at night without a beer in hand is like a theme park without roller coasters – it’s just not as fun without the potential of vomiting.

Fortunately, media agency Maxus Global’s RD division MetalWorks is showing off its data analytics muscles with a new website that searches and compares beer prices from multiple online stores in Singapore. Metalworks’ “experiment,” dubbed BeerHunter, lets thirsty Singaporeans filter results by name, price, cost per unit, and available discounts.

With the single elimination rounds in full swing, mid-week beer consumption from hosting World Cup match screenings is nearing a peak. And buying beer online is an increasingly common practice in Sinapore. Searches for “alcohol delivery” and “beer online” have grown 80 percent over the last two years, according to Google Keyword Planner. In the past 12 months, Google Trends shows “cheap beer Singapore” and “alcohol delivery” searches have spiked in June, indicating that people are looking for places with cheap beer.

Metalworks’ communications manager Daylon Soh says beer packs with promotional and seasonal packaging – like Christmas and Chinese New Year specials – have seen huge discounts because stores are trying to clear their shelves of dated packaging. Older beers with less than two months until expiration are also heavily discounted.

BeerHunter compares popular and craft beer prices from multiple Singapore online stores, by the hour, and ranks them based on percentage of discount given from the ‘TrueBrew Average Price’. The TrueBrew Average Price is a figure based on analyzing current and historic sale price, similar to the 52-week average found on stock indices.

BeerHunter is working on the capability to filter by mass or craft beers and allowing users to sign up when their favorite beers get cheap.

Editing by J.T. Quigley

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Looking to buy cheap beer online in Singapore for the World Cup? Find the best ...

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