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Storrier family in will bust-up

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How the glass connected with her remains the subject of some debate and a police investigation, though Marshall had to be treated in hospital and left Hopewood House covered in blood.

Next Wednesday Waverley police will seek an apprehended violence order in Moss Vale Local Court against Janet Storrier, intended to keep her away from her sister. Further police investigations are continuing, with the potential for assault charges a real possibility.

Tim and Janet Storrier at their Bowral estate Hopewood House Photo: Sachlan Hayes

Storrier, who already had four children when she married the artist in 2004 (he has three sons from two previous marriages) gave a firm “no comment” when PS called yesterday.

Her sister was less circumspect on the matter, telling PS she was “terrified” by her sister and that she was keen to shine the “spotlight” on the incident, explaining that it was the police who were pursuing the matter.

“I have nothing to lose, I am already a pariah to the family,” she added.

Grant Denyer in Family Feud mode. Photo: Supplied

Denyer quiet on his other feud

It’s been nearly five months since Grant Denyer was accused of being a methamphetamine addict in the pages of Woman’s Day, an accusation he has vehemently denied. However, the television personality is still yet to launch any legal proceedings against the magazine, which has stood by the explosive story ever since.

When the story broke, Denyer’s agent Titus Day told PS his client was busy rallying his lawyers, with preparations well under way to mount a major legal challenge to Woman’s Day and its publisher, Bauer Media.

Lara Bingle in Elle Australia. Photo: Elle Australia

But this week, as Denyer’s new quiz show gig on Channel Ten’s re-booted Family Feud took flight, Day was unsure if his charge would sue at all.

“I think the costs involved was something we really had to consider … we’re talking upwards of $500,000 in legal fees,” Day told PS, although he was unable to shed any further light on what Denyer was planning.

Denyer has confirmed he and his wife, former Channel Seven producer Cheryl, were treated in Thailand at a rehab clinic, but said it was for exhaustion and a “mystery illness” which that had seen him drop a huge amount of weight. He strongly denied Woman’s Day‘s claims they he and his wife Cheryl, with whom he has a 2-year-old daughter, had a raging, $4000-a-week methamphetamine addiction.

Birthday Bash: Mark McInnes and partner Lisa Kelly. Photo: Jesse Marlow

On its website, The Cabin bills itself as “Asia’s best and most respected drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centre”.

Denyer left Seven last year after a decade with the network and following bizarre comments he made when he landed the hosting role of new quiz show Million Dollar Minute: “I now officially consider myself a used-car salesman.” He soon lost the gig to Simon Reeve.

Australia’s own Burton and Taylor

Are Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington our very own version of a modern-day Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton?

Sure, it may seem just a bit of a stretch, but there are undeniable parallels between these two celebrity couples, especially given Bingle’s candid interview with Elle Australia, which comes out next week.

Bingle, 27, has posed for the magazine’s cover, on which she appears draped in a fluffy Chanel bolero, Cartier jewels and a Uniqlo tank top, reveals in the accompanying interview that Worthington, 37, recites Shakespeare to her – just like Burton did for Taylor.

“At night, Sam reads Shakespeare to me. It’s amazing because his voice is like, the ultimate,” Bingle says about her actor boyfriend.

Similarly it was Richard Burton who would recite Shakespeare’s sonnets for his lover Liz Taylor, the pair eventually starring opposite each other in the 1967 film version of The Taming of the Shrew.

Indeed, by her own admission, Bingle understands what it is like to be perceived as something of a shrew given her relentless churning through the media mill ever since she first burst on to the national radar in 2006′s Where The Bloody Hell Are You tourism campaign.

“I don’t think people write about me as I actually am. They create this person [but] these people don’t know the real me,” she says, recently confiding to PS that she reads just about everything that is written about her, even the hurtful stuff.

Indeed Bingle has privately expressed to PS her dismay at her treatment by the media, especially during her highly publicised engagement with cricketer Michael Clarke. Their relationship eventually fell apart, he moved on and now has a new wife, while Bingle continued to face a barrage of scrutiny, much of it in the form of public ridicule.

But it was also that scrutiny which she seemed to court – from her product ranges to her own reality television show.

As for Clarke: “I don’t know him. It’s been six years. That was a long time ago and that’s the thing. I want to be ahead of the game in work and life and family and creating that movement instead of being stuck in the past,” she said.

Indeed it is a bright future she is hoping for with Worthington, who she described to PS last year as “a real man … you know, it’s nice to have someone who has got my back”.

And As for those rumours they had secretly wed?

“He calls me his wife all the time, he has since the day I met him. It’s nice, it’s very flattering [but] I’m not married, I’m not engaged, I’m not pregnant. It’s all just love.”

Elle editor-in-chief Justine Cullen described her cover girl as a “divisive figure” but was chuffed to have her.

“People either love her, hate her or secretly love her and are too scared to speak up, ” Cullen told PS.

“No matter what side of the fence you sit on Lara has that one thing that makes a perfect cover girl: charisma.”

McInnes charts course for Mykonos

It has taken four years for Mark McInnes to rebuild his life after resigning as chief executive at David Jones in a blaze of headlines amid scandalous sexual harassment claims.

And judging by plans being made for a lavish trip to the Greek Islands next month, clearly he is in a mood to celebrate the return of the good times.

Indeed the memory of his former public relations executive, Kristy Fraser-Kirk, who levelled the sexual harassment claims at him, which were later settled out of court, will be a distant one as he sips champagne on the deck of his new boss Solomon Lew’s gleaming superyacht, Maridome, as it cruises the waters around Mykonos.

Invitations have gone out across Sydney and Melbourne to join McInnes and long-term partner Lisa Kelly on a three-day holiday to Mykonos, where the 80 guests have been informed the pair will be marking his 50th birthday and her 40th.

However, given that the couple now have two children and are firmly ensconced in what appears to be domestic bliss, some friends are speculating that during the various festivities, including an evening aboard Maridome with a dress code that simply reads “shimmer”, the pair will finally marry.

Lew, 69, is expected to attend the celebrations, along with a mystery woman described to PS as his “new Greek goddess”, a 38-year-old from Melbourne who the billionaire has been seeing since his 45-year marriage to wife and mother of his adult children, Rosie, ended came to an end in February.

Lew and McInnes have much to celebrate, not least of all closing the huge deal over the sale of David Jones to South African retail giant Woolworths, which is expected to deliver Lew a $400 million-plus windfall.

Among the guests expected to wash up at Mykonos are several of McInnes’ former David Jones colleagues, including fashion doyenne Colette Garnsey, menswear buyer David Bush, former marketing boss Damian Eales as well McInnes’ fellow board members at the Sydney Roosters, including Nick Politis.

If the pair do tie the knot it will be McInnes’ third marriage, having previously walked down the aisle with Ingrid Gibbons and Fiona Willis, both women he met during his days working in retail.

As for Fraser-Kirk, the last PS heard was that she was living in Singapore with her new husband, where she was attempting to relaunch her career.

Party season heats up

It is traditionally the quietest time on the social calendar but even in the depths of winter this has been a big week of parties in Sydney. First there was French purveyor of perfumes and potions Lancome celebrating Bastille Day on Monday with a lavish dinner at Rockpool, where several of the VIP guests left with armfuls of huge rose bouquets and enough perfume to keep them smelling like … well, you know. On Tuesday Rupert Murdoch and his acolytes – from PM Tony Abbott down – marked 50 years of his beloved newspaper The Australian at the Hordern Pavilion. On Thursday Myer chief Bernie Brookes took over the Harry Seidler-designed penthouse at Milsons Point to welcome rock-star fashion designer Roland Mouret to town, with a gathering of fashionistas gathering to pay tribute to the creator of something called the “Galaxy Dress”, which apparently has had women swooning around the world for years.

Backlash over Tweets

Blame it on the “bots”. As social media platforms such as Twitter became forums for news and opinion following in the wake of the devastating Malaysia Airlines tragedy, a few celebrity Tweeters were evidently living in a parallel universe to the rest of us, including Gabi “Bride of Edelsten” Grecko, who was most unhappy about being chided over her volley of self-promoting Tweets – from media appearance to bikini shoot – as news broke about the 27 Australians who died. Then there was Elle Macpherson posting a pic of herself gulping down more of her of Elixir supplements in the midst of the carnage, soon followed by Michelle Bridges flogging yet another one of her fitness products. Who is advising these people?

Wedding belle

One of Channel Ten’s brightest stars (God knows they need a few), Sarah Harris, was somewhat philosophical about her run-in with Sydney’s paparazzos this week when images of her trying on her wedding dress inside a Sydney boutique on Wednesday were splashed across the internet. “You know I’m just another reporter too and I know a lot of those paps from my days on the road … I guess I just wasn’t expecting that they would be that interested in me. I didn’t want to do the whole ‘sell the wedding photos to a magazine’  thing and make a few thousand bucks,” Harris told PS, feigning disappointment when told the photos were available for just $250 a frame. “I’m marrying a devout Irish Catholic boy. For us, our marriage truly is about doing this before God and our loved ones, not as a publicity opportunity,” she told PS, somewhat mortified her fitted wedding gown would be on public display a good three days before her big day. She is set to marry IT specialist Tom Ward at lunchtime today. PS wishes them well.

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Storrier family in will bust-up

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