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Interdean comments on Singapore"s rediscovered cultural diversity


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Interdean welcomes a recent article from a world news outlet has outlined some of the lesser-known reasons why Singapore is an ideal place to move for people from all backgrounds.

The report, from Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star, highlights the diversity of the Far Eastern city. While many view Singapore as one of the financial capitals of the world, it is also important to appreciate the more ‘eclectic discoveries’ that the article covers.

The National Orchid Garden features as a prime example of this. The report describes the flowers as ‘strangely shaped and colourful to the extreme’. It is located against the backdrop of the city’s skyline. Another is the scores of beauty salons that encourage you to have pedicures from tiny fish that clean your feet of their dead skin.

There are also Hindu roundhouses, Buddhist monasteries and Taoist temples. All within walking distance of each other. For those looking to study spiritualism during their time here, you are presented with the perfect opportunity to do so. Many are hugely welcoming to newcomers. Singapore is very much a modern-day metropolis, with a wide array cultures coexisting alongside each other.

These hidden gems are arguably more of a reason to relocate to Singapore than the more obvious examples. While the city is famed for its futuristic architecture it is also steeped in tradition. This has its roots in the Chinese dynasties of the ancient world.

Experts in international removals and shipping, Interdean believe this snapshot of the city highlight why Singapore was an ideal destination for relocation. A spokesperson for the company said ‘Singapore and its diversity offer the perfect chance to experience Far Eastern culture at its finest.

‘Choosing to relocate there may seem like a daunting prospect, but once you’re there it is evident that it is a city-state with so much to offer. The range of cultures on show, combined with tradition that stretches back thousands of years, make Singapore a fantastically contrasting society and one that presents so much opportunity for those considering relocating. At Interdean, the most important aspect of our business is offering you an easy passage to the places you love and with Singapore it is no different.’

Interdean helps families, expats, backpackers, travellers and students moving overseas. Established in 1958, Interdean provides moving, storage, shipping air freight, excess baggage, visa and immigration, and full relocation services to worldwide destinations. Interdean is FIDI FAIM PLUS accredited and has over 123 offices worldwide.

Interdean comments on Singapore"s rediscovered cultural diversity

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