Thứ Sáu, 6 tháng 6, 2014

Travel agency loses licence for unprofessional conduct

SINGAPORE — Travel agency Journey of Dream has lost its Travel Agent licence, after the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) revoked its status following complaints of its unprofessional conduct and non-delivery of travel services.

In a statement issued today (June 3), the STB said the revocation of the licence was effected on May 19 this year, although the company had vacated its premises and could not be contacted by some customers and STB since May 8.

“Journey of Dream was first suspended of its licence on April 22, 2014, as STB had received complaints regarding its unprofessional conduct and non-delivery of travel services. Since October 2013, STB has received a total of 29 complaints against Journey of Dream,” it stated.

The company is no longer allowed to function as a Travel Agent, although it is still liable to obligations committed to its customers prior to the revocation, the tourism board added.

Affected customers are advised to first contact the company regarding the status of their booking or refund. In the event Journey of Dream cannot be reached or fails to provide relevant service delivery or refund, consumers with travel insurance coverage should approach their insurance providers for assistance, STB said.

Those who have no insurance can seek help from the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) or the Small Claims Tribunal, it added. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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