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It"s pack those bargains as some holidays get cheaper

Get ready for a red-hot summer with some sizzling deals from travel agents.

Travel Industry Council executive director Joseph Tung Yiu-Chung said package prices are falling thanks to cheaper air travel.

For instance, an eight-day tour of Europe now costs less than HK$10,000, while packages to Malaysia, Bangkok and Beijing are down by 20 percent.

Even luxury tours are getting cheaper, especially those to Hokkaido in Japan and Singapore.

The biggest price cut in luxury tours is on a five-day trip to Hokkaido from HK$38,888 last year to HK$24,888.

A luxury four-day tour to Singapore is now HK$7,899 from HK$10,289.

Luxury packages to Korea are down 22 percent to HK$15,189 from HK$19,489. A luxury package to Europe is down 4 percent to HK$23,998 from HK$24,998.

However, EGL Tours and Worldwide Package Travel said European tours are costing about the same as last summer.

But cheaper are ordinary packages to Vietnam (down 13 percent), Eastern China (11 percent), the United States (10 percent), Singapore (8 percent), Phuket (7 percent) and Korea (2 percent).

However, an ordinary package tour to Taipei has soared by 24 percent from HK$2,099 to HK$2,609.

Similarly, a tour to Kaohsiung is up 14 percent from HK$2,799 to HK$3,199.

The biggest price increase concerns a five-day luxury tour to eastern China – a rise of 83 percent to HK$7,498 from HK$4,089 last summer.

It also costs HK$26,999, or 29 percent more, for five days in Honshu, Japan.

Miramar Travel general manger Alex Lee Chun-ting said company bookings for the summer are very good and he believes Hongkongers have a love to travel.

Worldwide Package Travel spokesman Yuen Chun-ning said while its packages cost the same as last year, early bookings have seen a rise of between 5 and 10 percent.

Yuen said the cost of packages to Osaka, Kyushu and Seoul has fallen as supply exceeds demand.

A five-day, four-night tour to Osaka now costs about HK$7,000.

EGL Tours executive director Steve Huen kwok-chuen said packages to Thailand are cheaper as a result of the recent military coup.

Other packages offered by his agency cost 5 to 10 percent more because of inflation.

It"s pack those bargains as some holidays get cheaper

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