Thứ Tư, 18 tháng 6, 2014

Clermont Hotel Singapore Will Be The City"s Tallest Building

The footprint of the building is huge, and in true mixed-use fashion there will be a number of floors with retail stores, restaurants, and bars, fancy offices, even fancier apartments (branded as Clermont Residences), and the hotel. In order to make that 2016 opening, construction better pick up its pace, as there is a way to go from the current 15 to 20 stories of bare concrete core to when the tower tops out at 290 meters.

A pavilion had been constructed to the side with a show apartment for those interested in the Clermont Residences. Based on the breakdown of the complex we found, residents will be the only ones benefitting from the height of the building and resulting views; Clermont Hotel looks to be set in a secondary, smaller structure, without particularly noteworthy views. Were still mostly curious by Clermonts focus on data science to establish radical hosting for so many transient guests, including computer vision, text analytics and more standard predictive models.

Meanwhile, Glh. is rebranding four of its London hotels under the new name of Amba Hotels well have a bit more for you on that soon.

[Photos: JasonD, Rendering via Tanjong Pagar Centre]

Clermont Hotel Singapore Will Be The City"s Tallest Building

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