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5 must-have dishes at S"pore Food Fest 2014

SINGAPORE — You’ll be spoilt for choice at this year’s Singapore Food Festival. Organised by the Singapore Tourism Board, the 21st edition will be held from July 11 to 20 and will showcase Singapore’s diverse food at various locations around town. Here are five dishes you need to try out.

1. BUAH KELUAK ICE CREAM. A rich and earthy ice cream made from a blend of buah keluak and 80 per cent Valrhona chocolate on a bed of salted caramel, chocolate crumble and chilli specks, topped with warm milk chocolate foam. Specially created by Chef Malcolm Lee for the festival, this one’s for the brave and curious. Available from the Peranakan food truck, Nyonya Mobile.

2. HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE BALLS. Made of shorter-grained rice and cooked in a large metal pot with pandan leaves and ginger slices, the rice is delicately shaped into balls with bare hands before it turns cold. This Hainanese specialty dish gives off a subtle aroma and is light and easy to eat. Chinatown Food Street has carefully curated 20 dishes, including this one, as part of the Singapore Chinese Dialect Heritage Feast.

3. HAKKA RICKSHAW NOODLES. Named after rickshaw pullers who were its usual customers, it’s a flavourful dish of stewed Hokkien yellow noodles in pork broth, with minced meat and vegetables, topped with fried garlic, shallots and anchovies. This forgotten Hakka gem of a dish will instantly remind you of the days your grandmother would make you soup when you were feeling under the weather. Enjoy comfort food at its best at Chinatown Food Street.

4. LIM PEH SLIDER. Beef rendang is cooked with 17 different herbs and spices for more than seven hours, before it’s shredded and caramelised onions, pickles and lettuce are added before it’s stuffed into a pastry pocked with a light spread of Swiss cheese. An intriguing and yummy blend of East and West, this dish is best enjoyed with an open mind and an empty stomach. Get these sliders while they’re hot at South East Sliders @ ION Orchard.

5. GRILLED ROULADE PRATA. Essentially grilled prata stuffed with aromatic minced mutton. Grilled instead of fried in oil, it’s the healthier version of a much-loved classic without losing its taste. Best served off the grill, you can get this at Suvai 2014 at Little India. Drop by early to beat the crowds.

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